The Company disclaims all liabilities and ascertains that the Company under no circumstances shall the Company entertain any request for a Return of any such request placed on


‘Exchange’ is the action or process of Exchanging the services provided by the Company for any such other services provided by the Company. Users can request an Exchange of Courses availed by the User on the platform with another course available on the platform after placing a request for the Course but before accessing and availing the course. An intimation shall be provided by the Company to the User seeking either “Exchange” and the User shall receive a confirmation regarding the replacement.


The user can request an exchange before accessing the course online on the platform of the User. If the Company disagrees with an exchange request due to a non-technical issue, the User can file a dispute. We encourage the User to review the course and its subjective nature before making the request to avail of such services. The user needs to raise the exchange request within 7 days of availing of the course online.


For Refund Request the user may place a request for the same on the platform of the Company, the Representative of the Company shall reach out to the User on the Registered number provided by the User on the Platform.

The Refund request shall be entertained and processed if the Company has failed to provide the course availed for by the User within 3 days from generating the Invoice and receiving the payment.

In no other circumstance, the Company shall process a refund request. The Company is at the sole discretion to refund the User and all refunds shall be processed after such statutory deductions. All refunds shall be credited to the source of the payment received by the Company from the User. In certain situations, the refunds shall be reflected in the payment source in 3-5 working days and the Company disclaims all liabilities for the same.